Topic: Backporting routes from 1.2.1 to 1.1.6

I have backported my version or Rails to 1.1.6 and am troubleshooting the incompatibilities and I think I have narrowed down most them to my routes.

I am a relative newbie and I'm not sure what is incompatible about my routes or how to retrofit them.

Here is the bulk of my routes.rb file:

  map.resources :surveys do |survey|
    survey.resources :questions do |question|
      question.resources :choices

  map.resources :questions,
    :member => { :create_choice  => :post,}

  map.resources :surveys,
    :member => { :create_question  => :post,
                 :destroy_c => :post,                 
                 :destroy_q => :post,
                 :reorder   => :post,
                 :answer    => :post,
                 :reset     => :post }

  map.resources :assignments,
    :member => { :take  => :get,
    :analyze  => :get,    
    :destroy_respondent => :post

Could someone please point out where I'm getting into trouble?


Re: Backporting routes from 1.2.1 to 1.1.6

map.resources isn't built in 1.1.6, however there is the simply_restful plugin which you can use to bring this funcitonality back. There may be a couple differences, but it should lead you on the right track.

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