Topic: Viewing and Editing site structure

I am trying to rewrite a site in Rails from PHP. In the PHP version there are pages for viewing data from the database that are available to the public as soon as they enter the site. As soon as they login they are redirected to a new navigation for editing their data. I'm not quite sure how to set it up though.
My thoughts are to create a model for each table, and then to have separate controllers for viewing the data and editing the data. Any suggestions? (I still trying to get a grasp on MVC)

Re: Viewing and Editing site structure

Generally you will create one controller for each model (table) and handle the displaying, creating, updating, and destroying of that model in that one controller (CRUD actions). There are several railscasts episodes which talk about setting up an administration section and restricting access to certain actions. You can apply the same technique to your app.

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