Topic: Rails Tabbed Navigation

   I am making an application in which I have a navigation links(using link to remote) and I want that when user click on the links it gets change its background-color and again change its color when user click on other link.
                               it should just like a tabbed navigation but I only want to change  back ground color. So, please help me if you have javascript which complete my task.

thanks in advance.

Re: Rails Tabbed Navigation

You can do it like when clicking the link, change the css value to the element.
Add in your onclick event some code that sets the background color to another. Like style.background-color="red"
and onblur event another style.
This is my hunch.

Re: Rails Tabbed Navigation

I'm using this combo:

The def tab(name) part: … _helper.rb

The other part: … tabs.rhtml

I'm sure there are better ways to do this, but it works.