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I'm not sure if a question this broad can be answered with just a few commands, but possibly I can get some valuable feedback.  I am building a website in ruby on rails and there is some CSS styling that I am doing.  When I look at my site on Safari (on my MAC powerbook), it looks just fine.  But when I open up Firefox, all of the text boxes and submit buttons are larger than I would want them to be and and the alignment of things is off. 

I was just wondering what might be able to be done in order to rectify this problem.  If you have any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks so much.  Take care.

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The Yahoo User Interface library may be of some use, specifically Reset CSS and Fonts CSS. Safari and Firefox have different default settings for alignment and size. The YUI library CSS removes these defaults, and you provide your own values instead. This requires a bit more work, but it would likely solve your problem.

Re: Uniformity of website across browswers

Its never a good idea to design for Safari. If you look at the stats Im sure you'll find that a very tiny percentage of visitors will be on Safari (generally I find that, but it would also vastly depend on the market & demographic of your site)

Its always better to get it looking good in Firefox on a Mac (or IE on PC) FIRST and THEN tweak it to work well on the other browsers. Safari is a lot less forgiving and if you design get it good in safari first youre going to be very very disapointed when you open it in a different browser for the first time.

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From personal experience, Bink is right with the exception of designing css for forms. I try and do that in Safari first and make whatever it looks in safari to firefox and ie.

All others would be ideally design in Firefox first, tweak IE, tweak Safari.

Nekapoor, do you have a live sample site for your css issues so we can take a peak and see a way to debug those issues you mentioned on your first post?

Also get the Firebug extension for Firefox ( (F12)!. It's a godsend when it comes to debugging css.

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