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This isn't exactly an advanced design/theory question, so I'm not sure if it should have gone in general. If so, I apologize.

I'm new to Rails, just starting in fact, and I've already gobbled up all the literature I can find for free. Now I'm on my way to actually building an application, and I've hit a bit of a design snag.

Let's say I have a system for submitting requests, and on the request page a user can choose from two drop down menus - one called categories, one called departments. As per the structure of rails, I've now got category/ and department/, along with request/. So then, if I wanted to make an administrative aspect of the website, which would only allow logged-in, authenticated users to view category/ and department/, how would that be done?

I come from PHP, and under PHP it would be simple - I simply have an admin/ folder with the necessary PHP files there. Glancing at the app/ folder, I see that it is not quite the same. I can't just wrap up all the MVC components I want, toss them in a folder, and move them, as far as I can tell.

Just to clarify: I don't need help authenticating, or anything like that. I need help in understanding how to use Rails to make a cohesive directory structure, ie:
instead of

Thanks in advance.

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all the controllers you make sit outside of the public directory so you can arrange them however you feel comforatable. if you want to restric access this generally involves a user model and a before filter in the controllers you want to restrict access to. you can use a plugin (search for rick olsons plugins, he has a couple of authentication ones), also if you get rails recipes book by chad fowler he has a good user solution in there.

if you add directories to your controller it will change the way your url is displayed by default
so if you have app/controllers/admin_folder/admin_controller your url will look like

you can specify folders on the command line when generateing controllers "script/generate controller admin_folder/admin_controller admin_actions

but can change the way the url's look with out changing your directory structure. checkout ryans screencast on it here

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Re: A beginner's question about directory structure

i need to develop ip management i had designed three tables 1) IP 2) employeeName 3) ListOfDetails

ListOfDetails contains forieng key for ip and employeeName
how to wirht the relation in controller to display in view