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Is there any plugin or gem that can handle PayPal Subscriptions? I've been looking at ActiveMerchant, and as far as I can tell it doesn't have any built in support for them.

If I'm being thick, please point it out to me else could you recommend something?

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You sure it doesn't? I know it supports paying through Paypal, but actual subscriptions I am not sure. To handle it though, it's very simple; it may be that Paypal doesn't have an api for the subscriptions because they want the user to go through paypal, which isn't the worst thing in the world. Just have the user be forwarded to paypal to make the transaction, and then think of a callback to notify you that x user has paid, and then upgrade their account or do so and so. - Personal Web-Technology-Blog, Los Angeles.

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I doubt its too hard to code, I'm just writing a plugin for an app I'm working on for sending debit requests and cancellations to Worldpay. It also generates the appropriate form and submit button for actually sending users to setup new agreements and make one-off payments.

Re: Callbacks I just made a wpcb controller which has a receiver method which saves all callback data into a table and then works out what the call back means and then calls another method from the wpcb controller which carrys out the internal actions and saves whatever it does into the same callback entry in the db.

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rick olson (mephisto, lighthouse) wrote a pretty extensive blog entry about subscriptions payments. check it out here: … n-payments

thought that might be of some use.