Topic: How to reload ruby? (force production being ignored)

I have a host that has Ruby 'dynamically loaded'.
I want the hosted app to run in production mode,
with the development being my local pc.

I've uncommented the line in enviroment.rb to force
production mode but the change doesn't seem to occur as
when I try a db:migration .. rails is trying the development database settings.

I've also had apache and ruby restarted but still no change

How can I make the changes take effect?
(so my hosted rails app runs in production mode?)


(related question: Is there a way to check which environment (development, production etc)
is currently in operation through the terminal?)

Re: How to reload ruby? (force production being ignored)

The db:migrate rake task defaults to the development environment. You'll need to specify production like so:

rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production

Check to see if Rails is appending log messages to rails_app/log/production.log. If your host is running Linux or the like, you can run "ls -lt" in the log directory to sort the files by time.

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