Topic: cap deploy_with_migrations

when I run cap deploy_with_migrations I get the following error:
executing "sudo  chgrp -R dev /var/www/apps/depot_k/current/tmp /var/www/apps/depot_k/shared"
    servers: [""]
    [] executing command
** [out ::] chgrp:
** [out ::] cannot access `/var/www/apps/depot_k/current/tmp'
** [out ::] : No such file or directory
    command finished
command "sudo  chgrp -R dev /var/www/apps/depot_k/current/tmp /var/www/apps/depot_k/shared" failed on

anyone have advice on how to get past that?  I am using Mac OSX server and deploying to Ubuntu 7.0.4 Server Feisty Fawn.
Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks