Topic: Peepcode Capistrano Concepts Video??

I have been trying to do the setup as mentioned in the free Capistrano Concepts video through peepcode.  I have installed Mac OS X 10.4 workstation and Ubuntu 6.06 workstation(as my deploy to machine).  As I go through the exact steps of the video I get an error when I try to run the cap deploy_with_migrations. the error being (sudo chgrp cannot access /var/www/apps/my_rails_app/current/temp, no such file or directory) 

However the video doesn't mention what applications (ie Apache, Mysql, ruby, rails etc) have been installed on the "workstation".  I haven't installed an updated version of Apache or PHP. 

Does anybody know if Apache needs to be installed before running this?  Or for that matter, what needs to be the base install of apps/gems for this to work? 

Any assistance would be much appreciated...I know this may not be the right section to be posting this, but I am hoping to find someone who could shed a little light on the situation.