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mully wrote:

OS: Linux, Mac, Windows
Price: Free
License: Open Source - GNU General Public License
Languages supported: 30+ languages including:  Ruby/Rails, Python, PHP, Java, XML, HTML, JS, CSS, etc.
Good combination of a powerful yet lightweight editor for Linux machines. 

Features include:
* Ruby syntax highlighting
* Code folding
* Object browser
* File browser
* Code snippets (though very primitive compared to TextMate)
* Code completion
* Autocomplete HTML / XML tags (It does not auto-close quotes, brackets, etc, which is upsetting)
* Plugins
* Find in files
* Git / Svn commits
* Built-in terminal window
* "Scribble" window that allows you to paste stuff that you want to access later without creating a new "junk" file.
* Right click on a method call and jump directly to the definition.  (By default, it will only work if the definition is in an open file.  But, if you install the "Geany Project" plugin, it will jump you to any file in the project with that definition.)

Good review here: … 4142.shtml

Hi Mully you've said that this is compatible on a Mac, however I have had a look at there website and cant see anything about it being compatible, nor does it any form of installation instructions for Mac use.

The program does look pretty handy though.

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I installed Geany on my Mac using Mac Ports. … y/Portfile

It is a version behind (0.13.0 versus 0.14.0), but it does work.  I'm sure you could install from source, but I have not tried that yet.

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thabenksta wrote:

Wow, I just checked our Rored and it's pretty bad ass.  Typical IDE stuff, but designed for rails from the ground up.  It will group all opened files under the respective resource.  It has code completion, and some cool navigation features.  For example I can be in the controller and click "Open All Views" or "Open Related".  All that and it looks nice too.  Give it a try.

Link seems to be dead now.

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on the pc I am now using E-texteditor and Console 2 as I am used to using TextMate and iTerm on my mac at work these are perfect for me to work on, on the pc smile

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Netbeans people!!! Its the best!!! I personally guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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daeltar wrote:

jEdit (

Licence: GNU/GPL
OS: all that support Java
Languages supported: via plugins, syntax highlighting for more than 130 file types

Sweet, nice and fast enough on my windows laptop.

jEdit supports:
   code browsing and completion
   multiline cursor
   SuperAbbrevs plugin magic! smile

And it has an extremely cool search features.

detailed one
search results examples

Email me if you like how it looks and want to try it.
I'll send it prepackaged with required plugins and some setup instructions.

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Netbeans Ruby will blow your mind!
I'm such a groupie now.

OS: Universal (Windows/OS X ... thats why I love it)
Price: free ninety nine!
License: closed source
Languages supported: CSS, Ruby, Javascript can download C++, Java and PHP versions.
Python version said to be in the works.

Killer Features (this just off the top of my head):
- killer Autosense for rails, including auto completion using your own classes/controllers, models
- Super sick subversion integration, can do commits and diffs etc from right there in the IDE
- Quick search: can search for files and folders or even help files(insert mind blowing here) so you don't have to go mousing through directories to find your files
- Javascript framework autocompletion: Jquery, prototype, you name it
- Run rake tasks, migrations, generators right there in the ide ... awesome
- IRB console for quick testing and to run script/console
- Mongrel output window, so you can see queries as they are executed
- DB manager, so you can see and manage your dbs right from the IDE without having to fire up HeidiSql (which is badass btw)
- Great IDE themes ... check out the Aloha theme to get that Textmate look (use Lucida Console font on windows for the best effect)
- Constantly being updated and improved.
- Built in debugger (sick)
- Included Glassfish server which runs Ruby apps using Jruby, if you don't want to be bothered with Mongrel et al
- Can update Gems and plugins, filter to see whats installed, what needs updating from right there in the IDE

I could go on and on, but just try it out for yourself

No word wrap (yet) will be fixed in Netbeans 7.0
Takes up about 100+ megs of memory to load the Java run time

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on Mac - Textmate
on Linux - Jedit
on Win - E-(Text)

Those are mine. I'm using 3 platforms but my favorite ruby system is mac.

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GNU Nano
OS => Cross-Platform
Price: Free
License: GPL

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MacVim with the rails.vim plugin and railscasts colour theme (I have some other plugins installed, but rails.vim is the mian one).

If I have the colour theme installed, it messes up the colours in the console pretty bad, which sucks because I'd prefer to use vim in the console. If anyone could help with that, I'd appreciate it.

If I've helped you out with something, feel free to recommend me on working with rails.

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+1 for netbeans
I have said in this thread that RadRails rocks.
I have tried Rubymine, textmate, VIM and many of the others but I have just started with netbeans and it TOTALLY blows all the other out of the water.

It's free so try it you'll just never look back.

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Windows: E-TextEditor. Works pretty well, but have had some issues with the macros lately sad
Linux: Gedit, but currently looking for something better. While it has some nice things about it, theres other small bits that annoy me.

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agm_ultimatex wrote:

Linux: Gedit, but currently looking for something better. While it has some nice things about it, theres other small bits that annoy me.

what is it that annoys you about gedit?  Have you tried the gmate plugins?  ( - they were written by a rails man so there are a few useful features bundled 8)

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Hello ,I am new to Ruby on Rails and i already created a shopping cart and integrated with pay pal but the problem is that the author who has uploaded a product should earn money of percentage from the buyer who has buyed the authors corresponding product ,so I am really in confusion with wat to relate and how to display authors earnings ,do i need to make relation with anything,i have searched so many web sites but found nothing ,so can anyone give me a clue or a tutorial so that i can proceed further and i did all the things from restful authentication tp paypal but i Am stuck here ,so please anyone help me with this

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^ if you havent already, post a more detailed description of your problem in the proper section.

dweebazoid, I do have the gmate plugins installed, and it is pretty nice. Sometimes the way it closes quotes, and doesnt really close brackets (which would be nice, but not a huge deal). I think I may have ran into one or two issues with it auto indenting on me when I didnt want to. I honestly cannot think of anything specific off the top of my head.

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Just found another interesting editor for Windows. I just downloaded it and am planning on giving it a good run through this afternoon.

Spent some time with Textshell and it worked well for me. However there are some bugs that need to be worked out and it seems, unfortunately, that the creator has lost interest in his project. sad  It's too bad as this seems to have potential to be a great Windows editor. I need a Mac. sad

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I've tried out somef editors, and these are my #1 :

:windows => Netbeans IDE (getting faster by every upgrade !)
:linux => Netbeans/vim
:mac => well, need to get one first tongue

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Well, since everyone is showing their love to their favorite editors, I'll say it too... tongue

For Mac, TextMate all the way.
For Linux, gedit with installed snippets.
For Windows e-Text Editor.

I just don't care for NetBeans. Used version 6 the last time, and I just don't like the interface. I never used it for Rails, just Java SE coding mostly, but I ended up going back to Eclipse for that... big_smile


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I was using E (e-texteditor) for along time but macro/snippets stop working after Cygwin 1.7 and I switched to Sublime text. I am using Sublime Text for now.

Sublime text
- has macros/snippets like textMate / E bundle
- Fullscreen mode
- Dark and minimal UI
- write your plugin/macro in Python
Sublime Text

Here is second list that sometimes I am using.
- e-Texteditor
- inType

I guess, When I buy Mac, I fall in love with textMate smile

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Vim is the way to go for me. big_smile

Not quite familiar with others though, Netbeans?