Topic: Moved to Apache -> partion render new Empty

Hi there,

I just wanted to move my developed rails application on a apache Server and got hit by a strange thing:

Everythign is displayed and worked as excecpted, except the (scaffolged) new/edit actions, the "New <thing>" and the "Back" but is displayed, but the content which should come from <%= render :partial => 'form' %> isn't displayed.

Any hints where i could begin to search? Apache log and rails internal log don't say anything special. I even can see the SHOW FIELD for the form is logged, there is just no output sad.

Re: Moved to Apache -> partion render new Empty

Switching servers shouldn't change the behavior of render :partial. Perhaps there's something else going on. Does the _form.rhtml file exist? Does Rails have permission to read it? Did you alter the scaffold code at all?

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Re: Moved to Apache -> partion render new Empty


the _form.rhtml file exists (with mode 0644), i just owned it to www-data, but that changed nothing. I'v testest this issue on parts that differ from the original scaffold code and on code das doesn't differ - the same issue.