Topic: Gedit & .rhtml

Hi guys. I use gedit as my text editor, but I'm unable to get rhtml support working.

I installed the x-rhtml.xml file, so if I select that the file is rhtml in gedit, the syntax highlighting works. The problem is, gedit isn't automatically detecting rhtml.

any ideas?

Re: Gedit & .rhtml

Found this great post on setting up gedit for coding in rails on linux.  Check out setting up gedit for rails at

It's a pretty good setup, not quite as nice as textmate on the mac but has similarities for the linux platform.  This is how I set mine up when I'm using Ubuntu Feisty.

Re: Gedit & .rhtml
interesting plugins: Word completion and Class Browser.
Rails Hotkeys plugin (I am going to try it soon) … +for+Gedit
Can you use this texmate colors? When I open the archive I only see readme file.


Re: Gedit & .rhtml

there are two folders when you unzip, but they are hidden (.gnome2)
turn on hidden files in your file browser