Topic: Long time user of for some reason it died??

I've been using InstantRails (now 1.7) for many months and have loved in concert with RadRails.
I was unable to get my ActionMailer to actually send the emails and read on the forums about a free SMPT server of which I installed (and then uninstalled as it made no difference).
Tragically, this killed the server processes in my InstantRails. I have tried to install/uninstall now about 10 times on TWO separate Windows XP R2 machines and the exact same behaviour. The InstantRails just hangs on the "starting servers" message and although the green lights come on it won't go?
Has anyone thoughts on this matter..I am absolutely fouled and can't take a step on my projects now.
Thank you for any help...

Re: Long time user of for some reason it died??

i'm having a similar problem:
im running instant rails on windows XP.
I was following the instructions from "Practical Rails Social Networking Sites".
IN Chapter 5 i came to set up a forum and was preparing the views.
After saving changes i shut down my machine and when i came back the next day, my app was dead.
All other Instant Rails projects do run as always, but this app does not:
After starting the application in mongrel from the "manage rails applications" menu, the mongrel console opens as usual, but after a couple of seconds, it crashes and dissapears.
Nothing is logged in mysql or apache or instant rails logfiles.
any ideas?