Topic: Scalability

SO. I am totally new to RR or programming in general. I am more of a designer.

I am working on building what could be a large community/social net type website and I need to know what the limitations if any RR will bring?

If I experience large & fast growth... will RR be able to handle it? There will be lots of file transferring and sharing and complex connections between users/content/etc.

We've looked into JAVA/PHP development options but I have seen some great RR development. (we actually had the site done in JAVA but we scrapped that).

I am sure everyone here will be a bit Pro-Rails, but if you can share with me what might be some limitations or concerns in going forward with RR for our platform.


Re: Scalability

Scalability is a valid concern. Ruby is generally slower than most languages and Rails has some hefty memory requirements. Rails also isn't thread safe so doing something like file uploads through Rails can be a problem because it hogs a Mongrel instance.

But, despite all of this, the only concerns I've heard of scalability are simply speculation. There are many Rails sites out there which get very heavy traffic: Basecamp, 43things, and Twitter just to name a few.

Can Rails scale? Yes. Will it be difficult? Possibly. But I think it's a fair price to pay for the other benefits Rails brings.

Regarding file transfers. You may want to look into Merb for handling this part of the site since it is thread safe and was designed to solve this problem.

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