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Capistrano has had traction for a good while, but I get the sense that people are each having to discover cool features by stumbling on them ... say in a blog someplace. Wouldn't it be nice to have a Capistrano forum to share recipes for various deployment scenarios. Say:

Q: I like to keep a set of shared scripts and configs. How do I do that with Capistrano and keep my development environment sane?

A: I have a setup recipe that places the production scripts and configs in the shared directory once and an after_update_code that symlinks to that directory each time I deploy a new version.

You can see how these little snippets could get real useful real fast, right?

Just a suggestion.

Re: Capistrano Deployment Forum

Well, I'm a huge fan of (obviously) but I think Capistrano stuff might be better served through a wiki.  I'm not sure if Jamis will be setting one up, but something after the model of would be ideal.  Everybody posting their own solutions to problems as they come up.

Re: Capistrano Deployment Forum

If there's enough demand/threads about Cap we'll consider it. Until then, "Setting up Rails" has been the de-facto deployment forum, so it's probably best to ask your current Cap questions there smile.

vinnie - rails forum admin