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I'm wondering if anyone has created an app that prints data to avery mailing labels?  I'm being asked to do this and the only way I can think of is to actually print a PDF that is formatted for a specific avery label.  Anyone have any other suggestions?

Re: Printing to Avery Labels

The only reliable way I know of is to produce a pdf document, like you said. The biggest problem, I find, with doing it via css is that the print  margins can change based on printer driver/OS/user preferences/etc.

I've actually done this (using the pdf method) for a client for a couple of different label formats. Send me a private message and I can send you the code. I'd rather not post it here as it is for a private app.

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Re: Printing to Avery Labels

If you don't mind doing a mail merge from within MS Word, you can just spit out XML and use it as mail merge data. It's not as cool of a solution to your problem, but Word has templates for all kinds of Avery labels built in. smile

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