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don't learn flash

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If you’ve never touched flash and have always wanted to learn, here are the first two steps for the journey:

Go to Flash product page on Adobe site and download the trial version. Since most people are not sure of what they want to do, free trial is probably a wise way to go in case you discover that it’s not for you.
Get familiar with flash drawing tools. has a really good introduction to each tool, but of course the best way to get familiar with them is to use them. Find a drawing and try to re-create it in flash using the drawing tools.
These are two baby steps that will lead to many more. If you’re ready to move on, of course after you know how to draw things, you want to make them do things: animation!
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Can someone get me some links for learning flash for total begginer. I don't need to know it perfect, I just wanna learn the basics of Flash (need for my next job). Tnx to all

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An animated GIF is actually many images saved in one

When the animated GIF is loaded onto a web site, the browser simply loops that images. This means, if you make an animation of a clown that moves his hand vertical in 25 small movements, then the animated area of the image is saved 25 times. So it doesn't take a lot of animation to create some sort of GIF image that's remarkable larger than a regular clown image.

Therefore, even small animated graphics take forever to insert.

While animated GIFs can be used for animations, they don't support interactivity. They simply loop images in a predefined order and that's that.

In Flash, you might control the animations. For example, you can make the animation stop and wait for the user to press a button. And when the animation starts again it can be dependant on which button was clicked.

A final obvious change is that GIF images are limited to a 256 color color scheme.

So compared to computer animated GIFs, the advantages involving Flash are that:

Flash movies load considerably faster.

Flash movies allow interactivity.

Flash movies may use more than 256 colors.

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Internationalization is a complex problem. Natural languages differ in so many ways (e.g. in pluralization rules) that it is hard to provide tools for solving all problems at once. For that reason the Rails I18n API focuses on:

providing support for English and similar languages out of the box
making it easy to customize and extend everything for other languages
As part of this solution, every static string in the Rails framework — e.g. Active Record validation messages, time and date formats — has been internationalized, so localization of a Rails application means “over-riding” these defaults. Regards, Tanim

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Flash is a designing tool or language which is used for embellishing the website of the company.The use of Flash helps lend a more impressive visually quality to a website and a nicely done Flash website has the capability of capturing the visitors attention through its images.

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According to me script mafia Flash tutorial is the best place for learning flash...

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Learn a flash you read a book of flash and you find a tutorial on Internet this way you get a help and you tried it and in a flash you get help about all tool you try out and you learn flash and also you ask your teacher they learn you a flash.
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I have no idea that Ruby is compatible with flash. But that is definitely great to know. global content

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What I really like Ruby is that it’s a very flexible language and it can be use with other language such as Flash  asphaltene

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I agree that Flash's best days are now behind it and I hope to see people fully embrace HTML5 (thus hastening its progression). I wonder how Flash-dependent companies like Articulate are going to respond? Obviously training content that won't run well on mobile devices (if at all) is quickly becoming a bad idea.

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