Topic: FCKEditor vs. TinyMCE

Right now I'm using TinyMCE, and have been fairly happy with it.  Recently though there has been some problems with it leaving out tags and such, that has lead me to consider other solutions.  From my searching it looks like FCKEditor is the top contender.

What are your thoughts and experiences on what is a better WYSIWYG tool?

Re: FCKEditor vs. TinyMCE

It's been a while since I've used FCK Editor, but if memory serves, TinyMCE is much easier to implement. What sort of problems are you having with it? That seems odd. Iv'e never had any troubles out of it.

Re: FCKEditor vs. TinyMCE

Well, it's mainly people posting content from word.  Both of them have a post from word feature now, that would probably solve my problems.  I also don't like how tinymce loads like ten javascript files.  Unless one of you has written a rails tinymce compressor wink

I just wanted to get some opinions before I commit to tinymce.

Re: FCKEditor vs. TinyMCE

I decided to stick with TinyMCE for now, and I enabled the Word Paste plugin.  I'm going to try and write a gzipper for it.

One thing I liked about TinyMCE over FCKEditor is that it uses a textarea, meaning if they dont have JS enabled, then they get a plain ole textarea.

I also realize that I had some custom hooks to get Tiny to load and save through an Ajax call, and I didn't want to have to figure that out again.

Re: FCKEditor vs. TinyMCE

TinyMCE works well in IE6, IE7 and Mozilla but FCKEditor works only in Mozilla and not in IE 6, IE 7 when it is integrated with ruby on rails. But sample code is working on all browsers. Can anyone tell me what is the problem.