Topic: Upgrading plugins

Is there a simple command to upgrade all your plugins in your app?  Otherwise what's the best way to do it? Just re-install them?

Re: Upgrading plugins

Is your project set up with subversion? If so, use the "-x" option when installing the plugin. Then every time you do an "svn update" it will update the plugins from the repository.

Otherwise you'll have to reinstall them AFAIK.

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Re: Upgrading plugins

Yeah, I had to reinstall them passing --force  It was actually no big deal and in general I think I would prefer this method since it reduces the amount of things you need to check if your code suddenly stops working.

But the side effect is that subversion won't let me commit my code now.. it's give me an error that says:

me$ svn add vendor/plugins/* --force
svn: Directory 'vendor/plugins/geokit/.svn' containing working copy admin area is missing

Any subversion gurus out there?  Time to look at Mercurial maybe..