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  I'm just getting started in Ruby on Rails and I've been looking at some hosting solutions for my RoR applications.  Having looked over a bunch of hosts, I seem to like Dreamhost the best so far.  Is there anyone here who uses Dreamhost and can recommend it or would you suggest another solution, and why?


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I use DreamHost for my personal site, I've been with them for about 6 or 7 months. I've been happy with them & I would recommend them for shared hosting. I do not have any experience with them for Dedicated hosting though. At this point I have been happy with the tools that they allow me to use & feel that they have been stable. They offer me more bandwidth & file size then I'll use, plus they are cheap in price.

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This forum is hosted on Dreamhost. smile

I'll always recommend as well--though I've never utilized their Rails hosting.

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I run all my rails apps (and all my clients' apps) on Dreamhost.  There's the occasional problem that comes from dispatch.fcgi processes shutting down but overall I've been very impressed with them.

They are increasingly dependant on their Rails-minded clients so you can expect continued good support for them.  Here's an interesting graph to show just how necessary Rails is to their business:
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Like Josh said, this forum is hosted on DH. As is my Typo-based personal site. For PHP stuff Dreamhost is great, and for Rails hosting they're about as inexpensive as it gets, but you will get app crashes and slowdowns every once in a while. It has been much better lately though; nowadays I'm getting only a fraction of the downtime I was getting 1-2 months ago.

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