Topic: Suggestions for tutorials?

I learn best by example - can anyone point me in the right direction for a tutorial to do the following...

Using partials (which I assume is the best way), I'd like to select a record from a list in one frame and display all related records from another table in a frame below.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Suggestions for tutorials?

Check the "Rolling on Ruby on Rails" article. … rails.html

It has two parts and it would be good if you check both. And you will do once you gone through the first one.

The best suits to you as you wanted, learn by doing code. Then you should go for Lot of screencasts very useful and hightly recommended.

Also peepcode screencasts ( excellent stuff too but you have to purcase the each of them. But worth buying.

Best of Luck!

Re: Suggestions for tutorials?

Yeah i've looked at them already. I actually found ryan's ones on this website to be a lot easier to follow to get a result, however his ones cover more along the lines of creating forms for data input rather than for viewing information.

I'll keep looking... or i'm sure i'll figure out how to modify his in the end!

Re: Suggestions for tutorials?

You might get a copy of "Build your own Ruby on Rails Web Applications" this will help you a lot.

And here are some of the tutorial/sample applications: … ls-050207/

and some open source web application projects you might interested: … ceProjects

I will be keep lookin' and forward you more.

Re: Suggestions for tutorials?

and a very good article and i missed it by developersWork on IBM … rubyrails/