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Hi, I am looking for a great RoR software engineer to work with me. This is my first posting on this forum - is it OK to post that I am looking for a partner for my website, and where would be an appropriate place to do so? Thanks!


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We don't really have a proper place for job offers, but we are working on that. smile

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Thanks Josh.

Is it OK then to post in the general section?

Kindly note: The time commitment is not large while there is a great opportunity to yield a large profit and to build something useful and interesting.

I am looking for someone PT, they can work from home....we have a functional website that needs some work (eg we need to automate our date feeds). We are using a proven profit model in a great market and are willing to offer a percentage of the profit from the site (s). Interested parties need to be excellent RoR engineers with great communication skills....they should send a resume to David at

Let me know if you know of anyone who might fit our requirements.