Topic: lighttpd problems

I'm using the "Agile Web Development with Rails" book to get up to speed on rails.

I was uing the builtin webbrick server and am trying to use lighttpd as it will be our production server.

I installed lighttpd andit appears to work normally with a standard website.

I have two questions:

1.) The book says if lighttpd is installed calling "ruby script/server"  will find lighttpd and use it instead of webbrick.  this does not work. how does the script find lighttpd?

2.) If i start lighttpd myself with the webroot in lighttpd.conf pointed at the rails/public directory and use the "http://localhost/" address the "Welcome Aboard" demo page comes up as I would expect since index.html is in that directory.  However if I try to access my application as I did with Webbrick,  "http://localhost/store" I get the 404 error. WIth webbrick I get the demo store page?  Why does Webbrick find the correct page and lighttpd doesn't?