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I have noticed an increasing number of spam posts on this board. What can be done to stop it?

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There are a few good captchas out there for punBB, that might be worth a try.


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If capthcas get implemented don't forget that some blind or sight-impaired users might have trouble and that a good alternative should be available for them!

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Yeah, captchas aren't the easiest to make accessible, though it can be done.

We tried Askimet integration way back when, but it kept nuking legit posts (i.e., even posts by obviously good posters like RyanB kept ending up in the spam queue), so it wasn't worth the hassle.

I have a nice sign up scheme in mind to foil spammers for our RoR-based forum software, but I honestly can't tell when that will be coming along. hmm

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Re: Better Spam Protection

Another forum I'm on requires users to write the name of the forum in a box as a way to validate they are human.