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I was reading the rails recipe book on the in place text editor and it mentions something about turning a text field into a text area by assigning the :rows attribute in the 4th position.  Not sure exactly what that means, and I took a shot, but it's not working.  How should I modify this line?

<%= in_place_editor_field :user, :career, :cols => 40, :rows => 6 %>

I'm also using this with the extension that fills in 'click to edit...' when the field is empty. ( … laceEditor)

Thanks in advance.

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The use of in_place_editor is deprecated. It's may interesting to look at this blog post, the author have wrote a very good custom but customizable helper.

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@ viniosity:
Try this;

<%= in_place_editor_field :user, :career, {}, :cols => 40, :rows => 6 %>

(notice the braces)
when you use :rows => 1 you get a text field.
If you use :rows => 2(or more) you get a textarea.

nice tip.

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Is anything actually going to be left in Rails?


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How to change text area in in_place_editor to some rich text editor (fckeditor)