Topic: Akismet/Akismetor Plugins not working


I've been having a problem with spam on my blog, I've tried all the akismet plugins available I even went and accessed the plugin developed by Ryanb aptly named Akismetor I followed the railscast episode he has on his site and tried to test my app. The spam went through so I went to Ryanb site and pasted the same spam in his comments page, the spam was saved as a comment not once but twice, I'm guessing that the akismetor plugin isn't working also on Ryanb website:

The last two spam comments are mine, does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Re: Akismet/Akismetor Plugins not working


I also use Akismetor and my problem is Akismetor.spam? always return true. It always consider comments as true.
Even when I test a comment like:
commenter: Rebecca
comment: Great blog !

At least spam-123 is considered as a spam...

Any ideas?