Topic: Is rails javascript helpers unobtrusive?

I use rails for a few time now and since the beginning i always asked myself if the javascript that rails helpers generate is unobtrusive. I mean all the javascript code is put in the middle of the html instead in an external .js file. I come from standard, semantic and accessible html and css coding so this topic is important to me....what do ya think?

Re: Is rails javascript helpers unobtrusive?

It's not really unobtrusive unless you go out of your way to make it so. Something like form_remote_tag by default is not unobtrusive though. There's the unobtrusive javascript plugin that helps things, but I hear that's been having trouble lately so...

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Re: Is rails javascript helpers unobtrusive?

Probably the best solution for that, is to use Prototype and LowPro. Have a look there : . This will allows you to apply javascript behaviours on html elements outside your page, just like if you were using css. And so you have no more javascript in your html code. Nice isn't it ?