Topic: Consuming Rails RESTful service

We would like to integrate a client application written in Java with a remote database at an affiliate company.

I thought of using Rails RESTful web services (created with the scaffold_service generator) to quickly and easily expose the affiliate's database over the web. Then, I would like to consume the web services from the Java client application.

I ran into a number of issues:
-Some tables had the ID column name follow the TABLENAME_ID format instead of just ID
-When scaffolding was generated, it worked (e.g. when calling GET /model/id.xml or GET /model.xml), but it only gets me the raw table data. Since my client is Java, it seems like I have to do extra work to link tables together to get one-to-many or many-to-many associations
-I am not sure how to use the update controller action (PUT /model/id.xml) from Java

Has anyone attempted something similar? Does anyone have ideas for addressing the issues mentioned above?

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