Topic: attachment_fu via a url?

i am trying to save images by url addresses. i found a mephisto plugin that can rip images from an article by doing something like this:

          if img['src'].match(/^https?:\//) # save everything with a http://
           open img['src'] do |file|
             asset = => File.basename(img['src']), :temp_data =>, :content_type => file.content_type, :tag => 'remote')
             body.gsub!(img['src'], asset.public_filename)
             self.body_html = FilteredColumn::Processor.process_filter(filter, body.dup)
             logger.debug "Replaced #{img['src']} with #{asset.public_filename}"

any ideas on how to do this using fu? i have something like

    @tempval = params[:temp][:description]
    open @tempval do |file|
          @mugshot =
          @mugshot.filename = File.basename( @tempval)

the ..... is my missing fuzzy area. i know there needs to be a read.file somewhere in there.