Topic: Rails Rumble 2007 is proud to be sponsoring the first annual Rails Rumble Championship!

With competition officially slated for September 8th to 9th, assemble your team and head on over to their site to register.

The concept is simple: you get 48 hours to design, develop, and deploy a web application from scratch. After those 48 hours are up, you'll be judged by the community through a peer-ranking system in a variety of categories (see Rules for more information). After about a week of controlled mayhem, judging wraps up and the dust settles. Winners are then declared, and awarded some cool prizes. We'll be announcing what those prizes are shortly.

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Registration for the Rails Rumble will be opening on Monday, August 27th at 2pm EST. Registration will be limited to 90 teams.

Also, the prizes have been announced (wow!)

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Rails Forum is also sponsoring Rails Rumble.  We've donated a Nintendo Wii. smile

More info is in this post

Josh Catone helps run this place
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