Topic: Streamlined Help Newbie!

I have installed the streamlined_generator gem v0.0.5 and am have two issues:
(1) when I generate a streamlined object for my models, it asks whether or not I want to overwrite the public/index.html file.  This is not addressed in any of the resources I have checked for streamlined -- do I want to overwrite the public/index.html file?

(2)when I point my browser at either of the interfaces I have created, I get a 'no route found to match "/painting" with {:method=>:get}'  One of the online posts suggested restarting the server, which I have tried.  No luck.  I'm sure it is something ridiculously simple, but when one is a newbie(squared), nothing is simple.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Streamlined Help Newbie!

Well, you can delete the index.html file and it will absolutely no impact on your site/app. It is only there so you have a visual confirmation that hey, "rails is working!" so to speak. What you want to do is edit the routes.rb file to the controller you want the index action to display when the app/site is first pulled up. Something like:

map.root :controller => "main"

Now thats assuming you had a controller named main (main_controller.rb), but in essence you would give the name of the controller you have.

Now for the "No Route Found.." error, there are 2 things you want to check. First, make sure there is an index action in your controller which sounds like it'd be named something like "painting_controller.rb".

The action should look like this:

def index
  respond_to do |format|
    format.html #index.html.erb

That basically tells the controller the traffic is going to the index.html.erb file. Now you can use the other template format also, .rhtml. It is a preference either way, neither will make a difference in how it works or performance.

Secondly, if you are using RESTful like application model, then in the routes.rb file, you'll also want it to have a line that says:

map.resources :painting

That should clear up your issue. Hope that helps.