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In an effort to slow down the quick pace we had with our single Rails programming forum, the staff here at Rails Forum (with lots of help from various members) decided to add some forums. Here's the new structure:


Forum News
Get all the latest info on Rails Forum here (this is also where we keep the rules).

Starting Out

Setup & Configuration
Need help installing your Rails development environment? This is the place.
Talk about vim, emacs, TextMate, RadRails, or whatever you spend all day hacking with.
Get up and running on your project quickly with our Ruby on Rails tutorials.


Application Theory & Strategy
Figure out the best way to design your app and database.
Test/Behavior Driven Development
Learn about functional, integration, and unit testing, and how it can lead to better code.
Make your working code DRYer or just easier on the eyes.

Programming Rails

Models and Database
Post your questions on ActiveRecord here.
Controllers & Views
Discuss controllers, REST, routes, views and helpers.
Talk about ActionMailer, WebServices and anything else related to Rails.

Extending Rails

AJAX & Javascript
Questions about RJS, javascript frameworks and remote requests.
Plugin Usage & Development
Learn how to use all those great Ruby on Rails plugins out there. (the "build your own" bit belongs in tutorials)
Ruby Programming
Get help with your non-Rails Ruby programming here.


Having Capistrano issues? Weird problems in production? Get help and learn how to make your Rails app deployment painless.
Fine-tune your Rails app with benchmarks and caching for blazing speed!

Web Development

Graphic Design and Flash
Get help with the design of your sites and applications here.
HTML / CSS / Javascript
Programming for the client side of the web.
Server-Side Programming
Got a problem with Java, PHP, Perl, Python, C#, or something else that isn't Ruby? Post in here.


Talk about whatever here, it's all good.
Forum Support & Suggestions
Need help using this forum? Want to report a bug with our software or make a suggestion? This is the place

We hope you enjoy the new forums! We'll be moving threads into the new forums as needed. If you feel a thread should be in one of the new forums and it's not there, please report the post/thread and write which forum it should belong to in your report description.

I'd like to thank our moderators and everybody who offered their suggestions and comments on the forum structure on this site. Without your input we wouldn't have the nice new forums we have now.

Thanks smile

vinnie - rails forum admin

Re: New Forum Structure

Just a quick addendum: While the dust settles there may be some things we're still moving around, so don't worry.  We'll try to leave redirects on posts that we move initially so things aren't too confusing. smile

Josh Catone helps run this place
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Re: New Forum Structure

That's great news guys! Just what we needed to keep things organized.


Re: New Forum Structure

I think it works really well so far, great job!

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Re: New Forum Structure

ryanb wrote:

I think it works really well so far, great job!

I'll say.. only 3 posts in what used to be the General Rails forum all day. Its a breath of fresh air!

Re: New Forum Structure

Shouldn't there be a separate forum for Rails 2.X?   It would be nice to go to one place for Rails 2.x related issues.   

Just my $0.02