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Yesterday I spent several hours to figure out most suitable keyboard layout for Ruby and Rails.

Left hand has most useful keys and right hand just holds down AltCtrl (my keyboard has AltCtrl on the right side).

I have been using it for almost two days and so far I'm satisfied. Especially over inputs like <%= %> /> what is breeze to type with the new layout.

If you also use some custom layout, please share with others.


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Re: Share your Ruby keyboard layout

That's pretty cool, although I probably wouldn't use it. I think it's more beneficial to assign language specific snippets (or something similar if you don't have TextMate) to certain key commands. This way you can type <%= %> with one keystroke instead of 5.

Your idea is still very interesting. Is it hard to get used to?

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Re: Share your Ruby keyboard layout

I have thinking about and even tried TextMate-like key commands under RadRails but somehow it didn't suit for me at the moment. Perhaps because I'm still quite nuby about ruby and rails and still 'enjoying' to write all code by hand :-) Later I'll give a second look for TextMate-like commands.

I start using a new layout quite instantly without a big learning curve. It's easier to learn for one hand by the way (however the new layout doesn't work under ruby console, but it's not a big problem, because then I just use old keys)

After three days I can say it feels like pleasant addition to the old.

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