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Hi. could anyone help me on how to build a content management system?  what would be the requirements and 3rd party software to use.

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This doesn't really belong in the Tutorials section, and it'll probably be moved/deleted....

That being said - a CMS isn't that much different from creating the rest of a rails application, if you can get that far you can certianly extend what you have done towards creating a CMS.

If I were you I would take a look at existing CMS's and see how they get things done and what features you would want.

Are a few that come to mind (although granted all of them are not true/complete CMSs, they done have CMS or CMS like components).

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thanks for the reply. sorry i was just new in ruby and rails. i'm a vb programmer. just new to this program.

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I have built a simple CMS plugin for Ruby on Rails. It is has very good options to use in the editor while still being very simple to use for the developer and the user.

Check out the demo at
There is a tutorial on installing the plugin there as well.