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One of my favorite Textmate niceties is when you click on a controller method and then press command+option+ down-arrow, and it takes you to the corresponding view...genius!!

Is there anything similar for when you are in a view, but want to open up a helper?

On a grander scale, is there a shortcut for me to pull up a method from anywhere in my application?

Re: Textmate Helper Shortcut

command+option+shift+down-arrow and you get a menu of the different locations you can go. One is the helper.

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Re: Textmate Helper Shortcut

Agh.. I should have known this would not of the downfalls of using HAML is you lose some of Textmate's goodies.

Unfortunately I am too hooked on HAML to go back now sad

Re: Textmate Helper Shortcut


Created a partial from the selected code in your view, moves the selected code there, then inserts the render :partial code!

Re: Textmate Helper Shortcut

Pimpmaster: I forget where I edited the ruby bundle, but those go to shortcuts work with HAML.