Topic: RadRails question

hi guys,

I am currently developing a web site for a client.  I am using radrails as my development environment.  Previously, I have been coding PHP in Dreamweaver.  Dreamweaver has a very sophisticated systems were creating sites.  This system allows users to connect directly to a remote server using FTP.  This way whenever I save a file this gets committed to the server.  This makes editing and making changes very easy.

I was just wondering what everyone else does in this situation?  Is it better to use a separate FTP client?  I would like to avoid doing that if possible.  Ideally what I would like to do, is to set up a subversion in the exact spot that the web site is deployed to.  I have created a sub version however I am not sure of the address nor am I sure how to change it to the exact location of the web site deployment.

Thanks in advance that any help that anyone has to offer.

Re: RadRails question

Hi Stewart

I use the same setup as you - my old friend Dreamweaver to do my FTPing.  However, I'm aware that a better setup is to use SVN to manage my site code and then to use Capistrano to grab an update of the site on production server. 

Try this guide for getting SVN up and running: … old_d.html