Topic: background-image problem

Ive set a background-image to repeat-x in my <body>, it looks as it should but it overrides my wrapper div's style. Im going crazy over this.

How can I get it to load my other div's (incl. wrapper) styles without losing the background-image?
If I remove the background-image line the site looks as it should but without the background-image

body { 
    color:                #00FFFF;
    background-color:    #333333;
    background-image:     url("header-bg.gif"); background-repeat: repeat-x;}
    font-size:             1em;
    font-family:        verdana;
    text-align:            center;
    padding:            0;
    margin:                0;

#wrapper {
    width:                80em;
    height:                16em;
    background-color:    #FFF;
    margin-right:         auto;
    margin-left:         auto;

  <div id="wrapper">

EDIT: Ignore this post: My lovely friend spotted that stupid curly bracket at the end of the background-image row. God.

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