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I'm very excited by the list of speakers coming to the Rails Underground conference (London, 24-25th July), so I'm busy posting information around so that as many people as possible hear about it.

The full list of speakers for Rails Underground is now up:
Pat Allan
Paul Campbell
Ariejan de Vroom
Obie Fernandez
Geoffrey Grosenbach
David Heinemeier Hansson (via video link)
Jason Hoffman
Lindsay Holmwood
Elise Huard
Yehuda Katz
Martin Kleppmann
Clemens Kofler
Brendan G. Lim
Desi McAdam
Eleanor McHugh
Gwyn Morfey
Paolo Negri
Charles Nutter
George Palmer
Robby Russell
Maik Schmidt
Ben Scofield
Vladimir Tarasov
Jim Weirich
Joseph Wilk
Dr Nic Williams
Laurie Young

Full details are at … akers.html

It's very exciting to have such an excellent line-up of awesome talks! The full details on each talk will be coming out over the next 2 or 3 days, as soon as I can type them up... but I couldn't wait any longer to get the line-up out there...

It has taken quite a while to get everything sorted out - we needed to sort out some extra time at the venue and jiggle things around a bit in order to fit in as many of the brilliant talk submissions as possible. Thank you to all the people who made the job so much harder by submitting far too many great talks to fit them all in! Also, the masses of people on the forum who provided ideas and suggestions and gave feedback on the talks they would most like to see. Many thanks!

As well as the scheduled talks, we're planning a session of lightning talks in the evening, where anyone can put their name down to give an impromptu, short (say, 10 minute) talk on any subject they like... We'll also have an 'open mic' at lunch times for people to make short announcements or introductions. For example, job opportunities, a quick introduction for a company or new product, or just to say 'Hi' and show your face.

We also have a slot available for a workshop for the day before the conference, details are TBC, so if you have any ideas, shout out!


Rails Underground: London Rails Conference, July '09