Topic: Rails goes to school - Student Recruiment and Alumni Development

I just wanted to announce a Ruby on Rails project I have been working on for colleges and universities that I felt the community (ruby/rails) would be interested in following since it will help further Rails and Ruby into the business end of higher education.

Its called RubyCampus and is designed primarily for relationship management and fundraising as in student recruitment, retention and gift giving by alumni and donors.

It is also being designed to compliment the Moodle e-Learning platform (PHP) by being able to reach in and use course and existing student information within RubyCampus.

Some interesting facts about the software being developed is it requires the use of the presenter pattern and we make heavy use of it due to the breath of detail we are continuously adding to the student demographic and record as well as tracking other types of contacts.

We use HAML exclusively application wide as well as GetText, Blueprint CSS and some other interesting technologies. The system is entirely mocked and now we are just filling it in. The average deployment will have no less than 150,000 detailed records to 800,000. A few universities in differing countries are strongly supporting the project.

We had already written a commercial system that was pretty substantial in .NET years ago and its used by some very large universities; we are working to match it feature for feature and have it scale but be based entirely on Ruby on Rails and completely open.

If you are interested in following the project or helping out drop by our website or clone the repo and follow from afar smile We think it could become a significant project over time and help introduce and add value to Ruby on Rails while introducing it to an entirely new audience.

Project website:
Source can be had at:

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