Topic: Reports with ruby on rails(Gruff & Scruffy)

Hello Friends,

         I am new with ruby on rails and i am working with Instantrails 2.0 on windows XP
and we are having lots of reporting part in our projects these are all graphical reports so how can i deal with this.what tool i can use for this.I have tried to install Gruff and Scruffy but i didn't get the proper documentation for installing gruff & Scruffy on windows XP

         So please guide me to How to install gruff & Scruffy with instantrails and how to use it


Re: Reports with ruby on rails(Gruff & Scruffy)

Both gruff and scruffy can be installed using gem but first there is a dependency.  You have to first install imagemagick for windows and then install the rmagick gem.  Only then will your graphs work properly.

1. Download and install imagemagick for windows
2. gem install rmagick
3. gem install scruffy
4. gem install gruff

Have fun.