Topic: RoR Deployment Server: Sun (T2000/Solaris) or Apple XServe (OS X)???


We're a startup doing mobile social applications using RoR.  We joined the Sun Startup Essentials program, which is a fantastic program btw, for discounted hardware geared towards startups.

If you had a choice between a *deployment* server for heavy loads, would you choose the Sun/Solaris Coolthreads T2000 server (8 core, 16GB Ram) or Apple XServer/OS X (Leopard in 3 months)????

Assumming they are the similar price range (i.e. heavily discounted Sun server or Apple XServe) for running RoR social apps. Performance and scalability and reliability are key for Web 2.0 RoR apps.

Thoughts before we buy?  Thanks!

Re: RoR Deployment Server: Sun (T2000/Solaris) or Apple XServe (OS X)???

I honestly haven't been that impressed with the performance of the Xserve when it comes to MySQL and some other things. An 8 core 16GB RAM Sun? That sounds awesome. smile

OS X is great for local development because you get the ease of use with the power of Unix. But when you're talking deployment where performance is the main concern, I don't think it's the best option.

I could be wrong though, I definitely haven't done much testing or anything on this subject - this is just from general experience with an Xserve and OS X as a server platform.

The Xserve we have is a little old (G5) so the Intel may be much better, I don't know.

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Re: RoR Deployment Server: Sun (T2000/Solaris) or Apple XServe (OS X)???

Thanks Ryan.  Yes, an 8 core 64-bit ultrasparc with 16GB ram and optimized for threading.  Looking at deployment server (I'm a mac guy), and I also heard that joynet, RoR rails hosting service also uses these new Sun Servers.  The Sun servers are heavily discounted for qualifying startups.

I know that Apple will have an XServe that could be 4 core running Leopard and RoR stack in late spring.  Trying to evaluate and thanks for your thoughts wrt to MySQL/RoR/FastCGI/Mongrel, etc

My thinking is that a big fast scalable server doing user-generated content, mapping, etc for RoR (which is performance and RAM intensive) might be a good choice.

Thanks and I appreciate others input on this as well.