Topic: Fragment Cache Across Servers

Our situation is that we have two webservers.  If a user posts a "comment" to our blog it updates the DB, blows out the file fragment cache (comment_blog_id) and returns the new list of comments with the added comment, putting this new version in the fragment file cache.  The issue is that now the old server is out of date, and a user won't see the new comment until the file fragment cache is cleared.  Any ideas on how to expire on multiple servers?

Re: Fragment Cache Across Servers

By old, I mean the other server is out of date.

Re: Fragment Cache Across Servers

That's a tricky one.  The easiest way I can think of is to have the cache location on a single filesystem shared by both servers.  I'm not sure how amazing the performance would be though.

Surely some professional Rails types have encountered this before.  For this one you might want to ask on the official Rails mailing list.  It's a way more confusing place but you're more likely to find people who've deployed fragment caching on multiple servers.