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I've been looking for a tutorial about user registration(which I have) with email confirmation(which I need). The only thing I have found is restful autentication plugin, but I would like to have my own registration system. I've heard about a tutorial for email confirmation which is supposed to be on a site, but that site does not exist anymore. So if anyone has that tutorial or knows where to find it(or any other tutorial to help me set email confirmation), please let me know.

Re: Email confirmation

Give the Authlogic plugin a try. It provides you with much more control over authentication, but you won't need to write everything yourself.

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Re: Email confirmation

If you go the route of Authlogic, also check out Auth_helpers:

It extends Authlogic with confirmation and password recovery features.


Re: Email confirmation

Wow, authlogic is quite awesome, I now have agreat registration system with email confirmation and even password recovery. Thanks! Theres just one thing, the site needs administrators, ofcourse. I was thinking to have separate models and controllers for users and admins, but is that even a good idea, because i'm a bit paranoid, I think its safer than having just a column for each user which would separate regular users from admins. So is it a good idea to have two authentication systems?