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herez me next hurdle, I am sure most of the forum members have cracked this..

the id field in my database table is known by a different name, how can I let RAILS know of this?

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figured this too

def id
        attr_name = self.class.primary_key
       column = column_for_attribute(attr_name)
       define_read_method(:id, attr_name, column) if self.class.generate_read_methods

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this ones figured out too...take a look at my class

class AdfDmdgroupCollection < ActiveRecord::Base
    set_sequence_name "ADF_DMDGROUP_COLLECTION_SQ"
    set_primary_key  "adf_dmdgroup_collection_id"

I am liking ROR !

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There's a much easier way.

Try set_primary_key