Topic: Anyone else using RubyMine on Macbook Pro

Jetbrains is now sponsoring the Agile Philanthropy Group and I just loaded an evaluation copy of RubyMine on my Macbook Pro. I really like it's seamless integration with Git [something RadRails hasn't quite gotten to yet.] I also like some of it's templates so far and good code completion.

Anyone else have any early feelings about it?

Re: Anyone else using RubyMine on Macbook Pro

RubyMine is currently my exclusive Ruby editor. I bought a license back when they had a $50 special going on. If you have experience with IntelliJ then it will feel very familiar. Luckily you can configure it to use the same keyboard shortcuts as TextMate so I was productive right away. I come from a Java background so I like having my development workflow integrated in one place. It comes with a price though, as it's not as snappy as TextMate is.

Re: Anyone else using RubyMine on Macbook Pro

I"m on Linux, but I also use RubyMine.  I've been working with 1.5 EAP and now 2.0 Beta, since I really insist Cucumber support.  I think its nice, but its slow, it takes a crazy amount of time to do things like run RSpec tests, and for some reason if I expand the environment to cross both of my monitors (3200x1200) it runs pretty damn slow, and I've got quite a robust workstation.

I'm hoping the official release of 2.0 will help to fix some of these problems.

Joseph DelCioppio
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