Topic: How to disable the tooltip for a cell using dhtmlxgrid

      I am using dhtmlxgrid to load table data.In this grid some of the cells inside the rows may be empty.I want to disable the tooltip for that particular cell only.Is there any methods similar to  the enabletooltip which enables and disables the column of a cell?.Or is there any alternate way of doing this? This problem is seen only in IE
Thanks in advance

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Re: How to disable the tooltip for a cell using dhtmlxgrid

I faced a similar problem. There is no way to remove title attribute permanently.
Every time a mouseover event is triggered, the cell gets a title attribute with the latest value in the cell.

I proposed a compromise to my team and they accepted it.

I proposed that we can fill the empty cells with a hidden div with some messgae like 'Cell is Empty'.
So, when ever there is a mouse over event, altough there is no visible content inside the cell, but the title will show a sense making message 'Cell is empty'

mygrid.cells(rId,cId).cell.innerHTML = '<div style="display:none">Cell is Empty</div>'

Hope this solves your problem.