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If I have a factory that assembles the associations of a record, I can't figure out how to call the factory to override the foreign key - it gets set to the association from the factory file no matter what I pass to Factory.create().   I want to do this so I can spec out the behavior of the record validations when the foreign key is nil, or when it points to a non-existent record.

Suppose I have these two classes and their factories:

class Degree < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :institution, :foreign_key => "institution_code"
  # ... other associations ...

   def validate                                                
    if institution_code.nil? or institution.nil?
      errors.add(:institution_code, "Must be a valid institution")

class Institution < ActiveRecord::Base

Factory.define :degree do |d|
  d.association :institution, :factory =>:institution
  # other attributes and associations here

Factory.define :institution do |i|
  i.institution_code "00001" "International Institute of Rails"

The problem with this approach is that even if I call:

Factory(:degree, :institution_code => nil)   or
Factory(:degree, :institution_code => '00002')

I get back a Degree object that has institution_code set to "00001".   

I could of course create a specifically defined :degree factory that didn't set up associations, so I could just set the foreign keys as attributes.  But I actually have 5 associations to test, and each needs to fail if it's set to nil or to point to a non-existent record.  So that would mean for each nil association I wanted to test, I'd have to manually set the other 4 to valid values; that gets tedious in a hurry and defeats the purpose of using factories.

Thoughtbot docs don't explain how to do this, and Google has been unhelpful on this issue.  Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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Re: Factory Girl: overriding a foreign key / association

In fact I am also interested in this issue.
Any thoughts if this is possible at all?

Re: Factory Girl: overriding a foreign key / association

I was unable to get it to work the way I wanted (just overriding the foreign key with a non-valid value) -- this seems to be an unavoidable deficiency of Factory Girl.   

But I could get it to work, sort of, by creating an invalid and unsaved associated record, like this:

Factory(:degree, :institution =>, :code => nil))
Factory(:degree, :institution =>, :code => '00002'))

This wasn't testing exactly the same thing, but it did exercise my validations nonetheless.

Aside from that, I can see a couple other approaches:
  1) Use fixtures.  (I know, the horror - but I actually think fixtures are still better than factories for some things)

  2) Use a factory, but 'manually' edit the created object afterward:

   foo_degree = Factory(:degree)


   foo_degree = Factory(:degree)
   foo_degree.institution_code = '00002'

Re: Factory Girl: overriding a foreign key / association

Thanks for taking time to post back!
This info helps me a lot.

Re: Factory Girl: overriding a foreign key / association

I believe that you must override the association, not the foreign key.  In the first example above the appropriate code would be

foo = Factory(:degree, :institution => Institution.first)

or something similar.

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