Topic: Can we distinguish between resolved and un-resolved posts?

I'm a relatively recent Ruby convert and I'm struggling with my first major project. It's hard moving from a language where everyone comes to me for help to moving to a language where I'm the one asking questions. I've bought, and been studying, some excellent books: 'Beginning Ruby',  'Ruby on Rails', 'Advanced Rails Recipes' but I've been stuck on a particular problem for the past week.

I've posted my problem twice now in the 'Controllers and Views' forum but I still can't resolve my question. Don't get me wrong: in both cases I've been grateful to receive replies, but they haven't yet helped me solve the problem.

My suggestion is this: could a feature be added that allows you to indicate that your concern has been closed? This way it would be open if a post is still open. Or failing this, could a feature that allows you to quickly re-post a concern be added?

I have posted my concern twice now because it seems that people assume that if a post has been replied to then it's been resolved, so they stop contributing.

Please don't take this as criticism of what is an excellent forum: I'm just wondering if it can be made even better!

Re: Can we distinguish between resolved and un-resolved posts?

What post was it?

Re: Can we distinguish between resolved and un-resolved posts?

It was this one: and this one: Same problem, but I posted the 2nd one because I wasn't receiving any more replies to the 1st one

I've solved the problem now, but I did it by spending hours experimenting with different code.

Would've been nice if someone more experienced could have helped me out, but it was not to be . . .