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I have one model Buniit

second model BunitSetting

Both models are related by

class BunitSetting < ActiveRecord::Base
  # Associations
  belongs_to :bunit

I want to execute following query,,

FROM bunits, bunit_settings
WHERE = bunit_settingsbunit_id
AND bunit_settings.isregistrationopen =1

How do I do that using find method

@bunit = Bunit.find(:all , :condition => [????????????????????????])

what should I give in the condition to produce the same result as query.

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Re: Active Records

bunit = BUnit.find(your_bunit_id)
unless bunit.nil?
   bunit_settings = {|setting| setting.isregistrationopen ==1}

Or if your 'isregistrationopen' value is boolean as I suppose, yuo can do it like that:

bunit = BUnibt.find(your_bunit_id)
unless bunit.nil?
   bunit_settings = {|setting| setting.isregistrationopen?}

Like that you will get an Array of your BUnitSetting objects. If you loop on them, you can easily get whatever you need (id, name, etc.)

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