Topic: Issue Tracker using sqlite on RoR

Could some one help me in creating an web application to track issues using sqlite databses on RoR?

Can this be done in a single command using scaffold method in RoR?

I have installed RoR on Ubuntu.

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Re: Issue Tracker using sqlite on RoR

Could someone help me with this?

All I am trying to create something like redmine using sqlite on ruby on rails.

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Re: Issue Tracker using sqlite on RoR

Any sensible issue tracker is way more complex than to be auto-generated, so: no, there is no scaffold command to generate one.

If you'd like to come up with one (perhaps, as a way to learn Rails), go ahead.  My general suggestions are:

  1. Get your hands dusted with ruby (plain ruby, no Rails)

  2. Work your way through a Rails tutorial

  3. Figure out what you want to have functionally (forget programming, focus on content) --  keep it very simple at first, and project directions for expansion.

  4. Start doing it in Rails; smile and grumble -- and don't give up.

  5. Google is, indeed, your friend! -- It helps a lot to read around; you'll find invaluable advice all over.

  6. If you have specific questions, come back here.